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This band was the original founding band. While personnel have changed over the years, it is the Gold Band which has taken on a role of pursuing more demanding music, soloist performances and more advanced literature. Musicians in this band tend to be more interested in more challenging music and demanding performance opportunities.

The band membership expects regular attendance and preparation of the music. The band performs regularly during its season, and the concert programs are challenging , tending to fall in a Grade 3/6 to 5/6 range. The conductor may request a brief opportunity to assess players experience and skills to place in the band .



Silver Band offers musical opportunities for adults who have not played in many years, and wish to 'fine tune' their skills. Weekly rehearsals are held and attendance and preparation are expected. Concert schedules and content are less demanding that the Gold Band, but the benefits and pleasures of music performance are just as high.

Literature performed ranges in the 2/6 to 3/6 range, with occasional performance of Grade 4 levels music.

If you are reading this page; then you really owe it to yourself to contact a conductor and come out to a rehearsal. Just watch and listen!

You'll never regret it.

We all do it "...for the love of music."

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