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"... for the love of music."

The LCBS Silver Band was formed in the second year of the founding of the LCBS.  It's initial conductor was the late Arland Mangold.  

The enthusiasm for joining a community band overran the capacity of the Gold Band to handle the many local adults who had a desire to pick up their instruments long locked up in their cases in the basement since school.  A wider range of experience was needed to accommodate the number of interested particpants and the varied social, musical experience levels of the wide range of applicants.  And so began the Silver Band.

The band has been served by many conductors including Ken Rogers, Arland Mangold, Karen van de Vendel, Betty Upton and Sam Yamamoto.

The band has been a regular participant in the local music festival consistently being awarded "Excellent " and "Superior" evaluations.  The Silver Band also toured with the Gold Band to Scotland in 2019, a major highlight of the LCBS history.

Silver Band meets on Tuesdays, 7:00 pm at CASA.

Silver Band Feb. 2023
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